As a fully integrated company, we grow, harvest, process and pack on-site so you can be sure your mussels will arrive fresh and on time, wherever and whenever you need them.

Thimble Bay Blues Organic Mussels are packed with care in high-quality, CFA approved polypropylene mesh bags at our packaging facility, to arrive fresh and healthy without suffocation. Individual packs are then boxed accordingly, with drip-proof liners or in waxed corrugated cartons, and shipped according to your specific requirements.

Your fresh organic blue mussels will arrive whole, healthy and clean, ready to prepare, process or sell.

Orders are available for retail in

  • 2lb packs
  • 5lb packs
  • 10lb packs
  • 25lb packs
  • bulk orders of 25lbs or more

Contact us to place an order.

Thimble Bay Blues Packaging

Thimble Bay Blues Packaging


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