Good mussels are the result of good farming and harvesting practices, as well as the highest quality materials and equipment. We provide our organic mussels with the best possible environment in the naturally cold, pristine waters of Newfoundland, and apply scientific methodology to our processes so you can be sure of a superior value-added product that is totally free of chemicals, pollutants, additives and GMOs.

This includes using high-quality environmentally friendly equipment (including biodegradable hydraulic oils), ensuring consistent levels of water purity, and ensuring that our mussel population remains viable and can regrow itself every season. Our on-site storage, processing and shipping facilities eliminate the need for costly, timely and emissions-intensive transportation between stages.

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We are a fully integrated company, with total control over the entire process– from collection and grow out to shipping – so you can be sure of total product traceability and reliability. Our control processes enable us to ensure a consistent and reliable product that has been raised with careful oversight from larvae to maturity to harvesting to processing to shipping.

Through these practices, we ensure a consistent, plate-presentable product with clean, jet-black shells and a high meat yield. Our mussels are sweet and plump, with great texture and smell, boasting one of the highest peak values of Omega-3 fatty acids4.

4According to Memorial University, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Thimble Bay Blues Process

Thimble Bay Blues Process


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